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Learn More About Building With Masonry.

It’s Free, It’s Fun, and It’s a great way to meet people in your industry… Architects, Structural Engineers, Contractors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Developers, & Interns who are south of 40. We host our events at fun and trendy places in Chicago and suburbs where you can enjoy complimentary cocktails and food while you network with your peers. And, of course, we’ll have educational activities designed to help you better understand ‘How to Build with Masonry’!


Sign Up to attend our July 12th event at the Catalyst Ranch in Chicago from 6pm – 8pm.

Enjoy food and cocktails in this swanky event space that will give you a lot to see and talk about!

Join us and Step inside a Virtual Reality progam done in Revit. You’ll have access to 3D glasses where you can explore construction of the Cowboys Stadium. Now, that’s a great way to learn about building with masonry!


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Below is a collection of education and self study materials that include videos and articles.


An Interview with Lucien Lagrange

Building with Brick

Lucien Lagrange was recently interviewed by My-Nga Lam about his career and architectural work. This short video discusses his thoughts about Building with Brick.

5 minute version
23 minute version

What is BIM for Masonry?

Learn more about BIM for Masonry in this 9-minute video. It is a great resource to more learn about designing and detailing masonry construction using BIM-M software. Watch it now> Building Information Modeling for Masonry (BIM-M)

bim-for-masonry-modeling-buildingsMasonry Unit Database (MUD)

The BIM-M Executive Committee has authorized development of Version 1 of the Masonry Unit Database (MUD). This will be one of the most significant projects of BIM-M and make masonry products more accessible to designers and contractors.
Version 1 will include generic concrete masonry and clay masonry units applicable to most manufacturers. This MUD version will include a web site for masonry users to obtain the database information for use in designing and detailing masonry construction. Read more

construction_and_building-journal_MACAdvances in Masonry Materials and Structures

The thematic issue on “Advances in Masonry Materials and Structures: Experimental & Numerical Modelling Aspects” comprises of eleven contributions from leading international research workers and practitioners. Contributions cover a wide range of experimental and computational techniques; the later includes analysis at different levels of sophistication and methodological approaches.

Historic Masonry Training – Dutchman Stone Repair

Watch this video to get Masonry tips for restoring Historic Buildings CLICK TO WATCH

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