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Do you have a structure that has a wood or steel backup and you want to compare what it would cost to do it with Masonry? We can look at your plans, determine what the exterior walls are supporting and how masonry can fit into the plans. Call MAC for a FREE analysis of your next project!

Below is a collection of education and self study materials that include videos and articles.


Saturday, October 15, 2016
Masonry Rain Screen Upgrade
Sponsored by International Masonry Institute and the International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers ADC #1 of Illinois

Download the application form >

What is BIM for Masonry?

Learn more about BIM for Masonry in this 9-minute video. It is a great resource to more learn about designing and detailing masonry construction using BIM-M software. Watch it now> Building Information Modeling for Masonry (BIM-M)

bim-for-masonry-modeling-buildingsMasonry Unit Database (MUD)

The BIM-M Executive Committee has authorized development of Version 1 of the Masonry Unit Database (MUD). This will be one of the most significant projects of BIM-M and make masonry products more accessible to designers and contractors.
Version 1 will include generic concrete masonry and clay masonry units applicable to most manufacturers. This MUD version will include a web site for masonry users to obtain the database information for use in designing and detailing masonry construction. Read more

construction_and_building-journal_MACAdvances in Masonry Materials and Structures

The thematic issue on “Advances in Masonry Materials and Structures: Experimental & Numerical Modelling Aspects” comprises of eleven contributions from leading international research workers and practitioners. Contributions cover a wide range of experimental and computational techniques; the later includes analysis at different levels of sophistication and methodological approaches.

Historic Masonry Training – Dutchman Stone Repair

Watch this video to get Masonry tips for restoring Historic Buildings CLICK TO WATCH

Hydra Mobile Blast

This technical notice requires immediate attention. Failure to read this technical notice and to take immediate steps to comply with its recommendations may lead to serious injury or possibly death.
In the process of investigating recent incidents involving bearing bridge applications achieved with Hydro Mobile equipment, it was decided to reiterate the crucial importance of proper inspection and maintenance procedures of bridges, specifically older bridges showing signs of excessive rust on the bottom steel chords around the link plate attachment areas.

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