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Speaker: Kevin Cavanaugh, Masonry Outreach Programs, Masonry Advisory Council

Aminoplast Masonry Foam Insulation & Next Gen CMU Facts, Fire Myths & Opportunities >

Balanced Fire Safety Design & Concrete Masonry Fire Walls >


Speaker: Jim Lucas, Representing Prosoco and MortarNet

Masonry Cleaning Summary >

Restoration Cleaning Turning Back the Hands of Time Summary >

Role of Air and Water-Resistive Barriers in the Building Envelope Summary >

New Rules for New Construction Cleandown >

Troubleshoot Masonry Construction Summary >

Managing Condensation Water Intrusion and Energy in the Real World Summary >

Protective Treatments for Masonry Summary >

Masonry Walls and Concrete Floors in Sustainable Design Summary >

Refining Construction Details through Design Verification Testing >

Sealants A-Z >


Speaker: Garrett Hovest or Kurt Moehlmann, Representing BASF Corporation

Fluid-Applied Air and Water Resistive Barriers >

Waterproof Coatings for High Rise Construction >

Concrete Restoration and Repair >

Troubleshooting High Performance Joint Sealants >

Principles of Grout >

Water-Repellency and Efflorescence Control in Masonry >

Fluid-Applied Air, Water and Vapor Barriers >


Speaker: Cathleen Jacinto, Representing Forse Consulting & Illinois Structural Masonry Coalition

Connection to Masonry Walls >

Lintels for Masonry Walls >

Masonry Analysis and Design with FEA Software >

Masonry Notes, Details, and Prototypes >

Masonry Partition Wall: NCMA Software QuickMasonry >

Masonry Shear Wall Design >

Movement Joints, Structural Edition >

RAM Elements for Masonry >

RISA 3D – RISA Floor for Masonry >

Software Review for Structural Masonry Design >

Storm Shelters Design with Masonry >

Structural Masonry Design >

Structural Masonry: Frequently Asked Questions >

What Non-Engineers Need to Know about Structural Masonry >

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