Masonry Advisory Council Seminars

Join us for Two Great Seminars on May 9th!

Both Speakers will be at each Event.

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Morning Event – Chicago at the East Bank Club 8:30 am – 11:30 am

Not Available Afternoon Event – Oak Brook at Maggiano’s Restaurant 12:30 pm – 4 pm


Exterior Masonry Walls and Energy Code Compliance – Speaker W. Mark McGinley

Achieving energy code compliance is becoming increasingly more difficult using the code prescriptive methods. Whole building analysis is one alternative method that will produce more cost effective designs for exterior masonry assemblies. This presentation provides an overview of energy code provisions, reviews energy studies performed utilizing whole building analysis, and provides recommendations for cost effective energy efficient solutions for energy efficient exterior masonry wall designs.



Troubleshooting Masonry Construction – Speaker Jim Lucas

This seminar will discuss troubleshooting the main problems impacting appearance and performance of new masonry, explain how proper new construction cleaning prevents problems, identify problems breathable air barriers solve, list ways of solving problems common to existing masonry, describe the main factors involved in restoring and maintaining the appearance and performance of historic building envelopes.


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Our seminars are perfect for Architects, Structural Engineers, Building Code Officials, Distributors and Mason Contractors and are approved for AIA credit.

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