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This course provides specific insight into the inspection of brick veneer concrete masonry components. This presentation will address both proper and improper installation methods, encompassing all possible wall conditions. The book format is divided into three parts: Concrete Masonry, Flashing, and Brickwork. The presentation contains over 100 photographs of actual job site construction with commentary and includes a corresponding 2- page checklist.


1) Learn all key components of brick veneer concrete masonry construction.

2) Become familiar with acceptable/unacceptable methods of brick veneer concrete masonry construction.

3) Prepare a conformance/non-conformance checklist with the assistance of the book.

4) Utilize provided photographs to enhance your knowledge and inspection skills of brick veneer concrete masonry.

AIA Credit: 1 LU

Cost: There is no cost for this presentation


Walter A. Laska, President of Masonry Technologies, Inc.

The Masonry Advisory Council is providing complimentary printed books of this presentation. Limit one per firm.

(complimentary books are available to firms in Illinois & NW Indiana)

Questions? Reach out to us at (847)297-6704 or email us at [email protected]