FAQ's for Excellence in Masonry Award Submission

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FAQ’s for Excellence in Masonry Award Submission

Who can enter the Excellence in Masonry Awards competition in 2021? 

All licensed, practicing Architects, Structural Engineers, Masonry Suppliers, and Mason Contractors that have completed construction of a masonry building (at least 50% masonry) that resides in Chicago, Chicago suburbs (see list of counties), and NW Indiana can submit projects.  Projects completed in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 are eligible. 

When can I submit entries in 2019?

Online entry submission will be open in January. You can enter projects throughout the year as you wish, entry submission will close at 8 am on September 1st, 2019.

Where do I submit my entries?

All submissions are entered into our online portal. Find it here >

What do I need to do to begin an entry submission?

In order to move quickly through the submission process, you’ll need to have the names of the Architectural firm and Architects involved in the project, the Contractor and contact information, your Masonry Suppliers, copywrite approval from all photographers, and 6 – 10 high-quality .jeg format photos and/or illustrations (preferably 5 mgs each image). Once your photo is added our photo reducer tool will automatically reduce oversized images to the 5 mgs needed for submission. 

I lost my log-in information. What can I do?

We can retrieve your log-in info and/or reset it if needed. Just call our office at 847-297-6704 or email lsaul@masonryadvisorycouncil.org to fix it.

Can I start a submission and make corrections or additions later?

Yes, you can set up an account and log in to access your entries at any time, up until the submission deadline.

How many entries can I submit?

You can submit as many entries as you like. You’ll need to choose one category only for each entry. The entry will be judged in the first category submitted and will not be judged in multiple categories from the same company. 

Do I need to use professional photography?

It’s not required to use professional photography, but high-quality images make a better impression and can help the entry to win an award. Call us at 847-297-6704 if you need a referral for a professional photographer. 

What are the category options for Excellence in Masonry submissions?

For a list of categories, view and/or print this pdf

Can the same project be submitted by multiple companies, ie: contractor and architect?

Yes, the same project can be entered by different companies, but not in the same category. Since the project and contact information is the same, the first entry submitted will be used for judging. 

How much does it cost to submit an entry?

The cost to submit the first entry is $100. Each additional entry is $50.

How will I know if our company won an award?

You’ll find out if your project won by attending the Excellence in Masonry Awards Celebration on Awards night. Please plan to have at least one company representative attend the event to accept the award onstage if you win. Even if you don’t win, you’ll have the opportunity to network with industry peers and view all the submitted entries. It’s a really fun industry event that you won’t want to miss!