The Benefits Of Building With Masonry

Masonry has many benefits in Design and Construction.

When you consider using Masonry in the construction of your next project, you can be sure that it will be structurally sound and a better option for success in all types of climate situations. Building with Masonry is attractive and allows for creative design options that can make each project unique. Brick, block, or stone masonry provides flexibility in construction, and the load-bearing attributes provide safety and performance over a long period of time.

Masonry has a number of economic benefits to the local community. Most masonry construction projects are completed using local resources of masonry materials and labor. The money spent on masonry construction creates a direct benefit to local residents in the way of jobs, sales from local masonry suppliers, and provides stability and beauty to the community.

Fire safety is another benefit for building with masonry.  The performance of masonry subjected to fire promotes an environment for life safety and can contribute to more favorable insurance policy premiums. Masonry acts as a fire barrier that helps to minimize the spread of fire and greatly reduces the chance of structures starting on fire. Masonry will not burn and provides fire safety from the construction phase through the life of the structure.

Masonry benefits architectural designers because it provides an opportunity to create a unique appearance and to add functionality to a structure.

Masonry construction can benefit time schedules, so you can quickly begin construction as there is typically no waiting for fabrication of materials, since brick and block are readily available locally.  Brick, block, and/or stone can be combined to create one of a kind designs with arches, circles or unique wall accents. Masonry structures can be constructed for a specific need, can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and provide a strong statement that is often used to identify a corporate brand.

A loadbearing masonry system is preferred to other building systems because the masonry may provide an interior or exterior finish as well as support for the structure. Masonry is structurally sound, infiltration free, resistant to mold, and the mass provides energy conservation by maintaining temperatures and minimizing sound transmission. A masonry cost analysis compared to other building materials will provide the owner with more flexibility in construction design and overall value for the life of the structure. Masonry structures go up fast, which is another benefit in controlling construction schedules and in allowing early owner occupancy of the structure.

Building with Masonry continues to provide beauty in the construction of residential and commercial buildings everywhere. Real value is obtained through the long life structural benefits, the flexibility in its design options, the savings in energy costs, fire safety, and the residual effect of economics in local communities.

Whether you choose to build with brick, block, or stone, you can be assured that masonry construction provides a great long term investment, is a green building material and naturally energy efficient, and helps to protect people from natural disasters. Masonry should be your first choice when building.

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