Masonry Cost Guide 2019

Order your Masonry Cost Guide. 

The Masonry Advisory Council is pleased to announce that the 2019 Masonry Cost Guide is completed! This industry resource guide provides a general price structure for masonry materials, detailed mechanical drawings, helpful articles, and other resources to help you to better estimate costs for building masonry structures.

The Masonry Cost Guide is Complimentary to licensed, registered Architects and Structural Engineers in the Chicagoland area and NW Indiana only.

Other industry professionals can purchase this cost guide by filling out the form below. We will email you a link to purchase your copy.

Note: This Masonry Cost Guide has been computed using resources and pricing models for the Chicagoland area and NW Indiana. It should not be used as a price guide for other regions or states.

Do you want to be on the Advisory Team for the next edition of the Masonry Cost Guide? Let Us Know! 

Contact Kathy Kurzawa at or call 847-297-6704