October is National Fire Safety Awareness Month

There is a reason why MASONRY is the material of choice for most Firehouses.

Those that protect others for a living, also know how to protect themselves.  As part of their rigorous training, firefighters ensure that they wear proper fire resistant clothing. They understand the importance of education in fire prevention and the necessary tactical strategies needed in combating the fiercest of flames.

When it comes to firehouse structures, Architects readily choose materials that will further protect them in structures built with materials that have the highest fire rating possible.

They know that their lives are at risk every day. There is no reason to house these heroes in any material other than masonry.

When it comes to Fire Safety, we trust what they know.

In recognition of National Fire Safety Awareness month and the Heroes that protect us against the ravages of those unforgiving flames, we would like to thank our Masonry Heroes, the Firefighters.

Please take a moment to vote on your favorite Firehouse. You can vote on one of our favorites below or simply nominate one of your own.  We will update our list daily. Photos may be sent to Lsaul@masonryadvisorycouncil.org  (only fire stations in Illinois and NW Indiana are eligable for entry.)

The favorite winning Firehouse and the designing architecture firm will receive lunch (max 15) compliments of the Masonry Advisory Council. All voters will also be entered in a drawing to receive a free gift certificate to the Firehouse Grill. ($100)

fire station arlington heights

Arlington Heights Fire Station #1

fire station police station in dixon illinois

Dixon Police & Fire Station

fire station in elburn countryside illinois

Elburn Countryside Fire Protection District Headquarters Station

fire station in glenview illinois

Glenview Fire Station

fire station in Lockport Illinois

Lockport Fire Station

fire station plainfield illinois

Plainfield Fire Station #3

fire station in rolling meadows

Rolling Meadows Fire Station #15

chicago fire station 115

Chicago Fire Station #115

brick fire house in streamwood

Streamwood Fire Station #31

elk grove fire house

Elk Grove Fire Station 8

fire station rolling meadows

Rolling Meadows Fire Station #16

brick firehouse

Mount Prospect Fire Station 14

masonry firehouse barrington

Village of Barrington Fire Department