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Why Masonry?

Masonry should be your first choice when building. The use of brick, block, or stone ensures structural soundness and resilience in different climates. It provides creative design options, promoting unique and attractive projects. Beyond that, it benefits the local community economically by utilizing local resources and labor, generating jobs, and supporting local suppliers.

Architectural designers appreciate masonry for its ability to create distinctive appearances and add functionality to structures. With its fast construction, masonry allows for quick project initiation and early occupancy. It also enhances fire safety by acting as a barrier and reducing the risk of structural fires.

By utilizing this timeless craft, masonry delivers beauty, long-term value, and energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. Masonry construction is a wise investment that safeguards against natural disasters and supports environmentally-friendly building practices.

About Us

Masonry Advisory Council

The Masonry Advisory Council is a non-profit organization that provides support to the masonry construction industry. Our goal is to make information accessible so you can make informed decisions for a variety of masonry construction applications.

We collaborate with architects, suppliers, masons, and other industry professionals to preserve the art of masonry. Our continual efforts raise awareness and elevate the process of constructing structurally sound and well-crafted buildings.

The Masonry Advisory Council makes resources accessible by educating, promoting, and marketing the benefits of masonry construction, materials, and technologies through educational and informational programs in Illinois and NW Indiana.


Local Counties

Technical Library

Discover a variety of technical support literature, material specification sheets, and other important information you may need to complete a masonry project. Please contact us if you do not find the information you are seeking and we will help you to obtain it.

Supporting Members

Our member directory is a collection of reliable and quality-minded companies to support the building community. These resources are uniquely qualified to meet the goals and requirements of masonry design, construction, restoration, and repair.

Excellence in Masonry

The Excellence in Masonry Architectural Awards program recognizes architectural design excellence and rewards the talent of turning concepts into reality. Architectural firms, mason contractors, and product suppliers are recognized for their contribution to architectural design, construction expertise, and the use of brick, block, and stone materials to complete commercial and residential projects.

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